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Explore the Course-to-Requirements Database

Select a course, to see what program requirements it satisfies. Programs include all Majors, Minors, and Concentrations currently offered at the selected college.

Requirements are extracted from Degree Works Scribe Blocks.

This project is still under development. Please report errors and feature requests to Christopher Vickery

There can be a lot of “clutter” in what gets displayed here. You can uncheck some of the checkboxes below to exclude the types of requirements you are not interested in.


Another potential source of clutter is requirements that can be satisified by a large number of courses. You an use the slider below to filter out requirements based on how many courses can satisfy them.

Select College

The numbers tell how many (majors / minors / concentrations) have been indexed for each college. During development, not all colleges are being indexed. If a college is not listed here it means it is not currently indexed.

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