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CUNY Logo Map Transfer Rules

Select courses of interest in the “Which Courses” section. The number of courses selected will be shown.

Then use the Show Sending button if you want to map how these courses transfer to courses at other institutions, or use the Show Receiving button if you want to map how these courses transfer from other institutions.

If it takes too long to load the transfer map, reduce the number of courses selected. You can also limit the set of colleges mapped to senior, community, or comprehensives using the options in the “Which Colleges To Map” section.

Which Courses

Select one or more of the following groups of course levels.

Note: Catalog numbers greater than 999 will be divided by ten until they are in the range 0 to 999 for grouping into levels.

Select a college and the discipline for the courses you are interested in.

No courses selected yet.

Which Direction

Do you want to see how the selected courses transfer to other colleges (sending rules) or how they transfer from other colleges (receiving rules)?

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Which Colleges

CUNY Logo Transfer Rule Map
The number of rules for transferring courses on the left to other colleges.

If the table below is empty, it means that all the courses selected are inactive and there are no rules for transferring them from any college. This is correct for inactive courses.

If a cell contains zero, there are no rules for transferring the course to that college. Values greater than one occur when there are multiple rules, for example when a course transfers as a particular destination course only if the student earned a minimum grade.

If a course in the leftmost column is highlighted like this, it is inactive, and non-zero rule counts are highlighted like this. For sending courses, it is possible the rule would be used for students who completed the course before it became inactive. But for receiving courses, the rule is definitely an error.

If a course is active but has zero values for some colleges, they are highlighted like this.

If a course transfers only as blanket credit, it is highlighted like this.

If there are any rules that maps courses to their own institution, they are highlighted like this.

Hover on courses on the left to see their titles. Click on them to see complete catalog information.

Click on non-zero cells to see details about those rules. (Hovering gives information for locating them in CUNYfirst.)