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Research Project: Work in Progress

The Scribe Blocks shown here, and their interpretations, are part of a research project to see if they can be used outside of the scope of the services already offered by the Ellucian Degree Works product.

When Degree Works uses these Scribe Blocks, they have to be combined with a student’s academic record and other information maintained in the Degree Works system to produce reports such as degree audits, Transfer What-if analyses, and student program plans.

This site presents “pure” program requirement information without connecting it to information about individual students.

About This Project

This project is supported in part by grants from The Heckscher Foundation for Children and The Carroll and Milton Petrie Foundation to improve the transfer process at CUNY.

This page lets you look up the current requirements for any degree, major, minor, or concentration at any CUNY college. The information is taken from the Degree Works “Scribe Blocks” that are designed to provide information based on individual students’ coursework completed and declared or prospective majors, minors, or concentrations.

Once you select a degree or program on this page, the next page will show the code for the corresponding Scribe Block. We have parsed this code into a form that lets us discard the parts that only make sense in conjunction with individual a student’s academic record, and to present just the program requirements as they would apply to any student. This information becomes the basis for program-related featurs of CUNY’s Transfer Explorer website, “T-Rex”.

Lists of courses in the Scribe language can use wildcards and ranges to make them more compact. We expand those lists to show all currently-active courses that match.

Program requirements change over time. Here, we show only Scribe blocks for the current academic year. These blocks are subject to editorial changes from time to time, so the data are updated once a week to incorporate those changes.

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Alternatively, select a requirement type and specific requirement here.

Degree Works information shown here was last updated on April 14, 2024.