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Research Project: Work in Progress

The Degree Works Scribe Blocks available here are not for any use other than research into how they might be used outside of the scope of the services already offered by Ellucian.

When Degree Works uses these Scribe Blocks, they have to be combined with a student’s academic record and other information maintained in the Degree Works system to produce reports such as degree audits, transfer what-if analyses, and student program plans.

The project that led to making these blocks available is an effort to extract program requirements without reference to student academic records or other internal Degree Works information. Open the “Information About This Project” section for more details.

Do not use this information for anything other than to explore how degree requirements are represented.

Information About This Project

This project is supported in part by a grant from the Heckscher Foundation for Children to improve the transfer process at CUNY. See Streamlining Transfer for CUNY Students in the Bronx for more information about the grant.

This page lets you look up the requirements for any degree, major, minor, or concentration at any CUNY college. The information is taken from the Degree Works “Scribe Blocks” that are designed to provide information based on individual students’ coursework completed and declared or prospective majors, minors, or concentrations.

Here, we extract the program requirements from the scribe blocks in order to develop a database that can be used in various ways: to search and compare programs within and across campuses, to provide degree maps for publication, etc.

This is a work in progress. For each program, a complete scribe block is shown in its raw form, sometimes followed by information extracted from it in a format useful during project development.

Program requirements change over time. Degree Works keeps a record of previous program versions, arranged by “catalog year.” By default only the most recent requirements are shown, but you can choose to look at earlier ones as well.



Catalog Year(s)

Do you want to see the requirements for all catalog years (will be shown in reverse chronological order), the most-recent catalog year (includes programs or degrees no longer being offered), or just the requirements currently in effect?

NOTE: It takes a few seconds to interpret each block the first time it is viewed. If you have checked the All option, the delay can be annoyingly long.

Degree Works information used here was last updated on September 19, 2021.