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CUNY Logo Review Rules: Select Colleges

This is the first step for reviewing, and optionally commenting on, the 1,648,723 existing course transfer rules at CUNY.

To see just the rules you are interested in, start here by selecting exactly one sending college and at least one receiving college, or exactly one receiving college and one or more sending colleges.
In the next step you will select just the discipline(s) you are interested in, and in the last step you will be able to review the rules that match your selections from the first two steps.

Background information and (much!) more detailed instructions are available in the Reviewing CUNY Transfer Rules document.

Sending College(s)

Receiving College(s)

Your email address

To record your comments and suggestions concerning existing transfer rules, you need to supply a valid CUNY email address here for verification purposes.
If you just want to view the rules, you can use a dummy address, such as nobody@cuny.edu.

CUNYfirst information last updated April 9, 2024