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In order to obtain a college degree, a student must complete a certain number of course credits and must satisfy the requirements specified for an academic program at the college that awards the degree. For example, to earn a bachelor’s degree at a CUNY college, students must complete 120 credits of coursework, must satisfy a set of University-wide General Education course requirements known as “Pathways,” and must complete a set of course requirements for a college-specific “major,” such as psychology, mathematics, or English.

When a student transfers from one college to another, the coursework they have already completed should apply seamlessly to the degree requirements at their destination college. Making the transfer process work smoothly across a university with 20 colleges and a quarter million students is a major challenge; one that CUNY addresses in many ways. At a high level, these may be grouped as university policies, course mappings, and articulation agreements.

University Policies
Examples of CUNY policies include uniform credit requirements for degrees (120 for bachelor’s; 30 for associate’s); guaranteed transferability of all credits earned at any CUNY college; guaranteed transfer across campuses of all Pathways requirements satisfied at any campus; and transferability of SUNY General Education requirements to CUNY.
Course Mappings
CUNYfirst (the name of the Student Information System (SIS) used by all CUNY colleges) has over a million transfer rules that tell how courses at any CUNY college map onto courses at any other college.
Articulation Agreements
An articulation agreement is a document that helps students make the best choices among the possible courses they might take to satisfy program requirements at one college before transferring to another college. Articulation agreements typically list the course transfer rules that will apply when the student transfers, and often contain additional guidance to help students plan for an efficient transfer experience.

This website is used to explore the transfer rules in CUNYfirst in manageable chunks. Faculty and administrators can use it to see what rules are missing or need to be changed. Students can use it to explore what will happen to their course credits when they transfer and/or need to take courses at another campus to satisfy a requirement at their home campus.

A Note on “Blanket Credits”

Some courses do not have an equivalent course at the receiving college. In those cases, the credits will transfer as “blanket credits,” which will count towards the number needed for a degree, but are unlikely to satisfy any other requirements, such as part of a major.


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